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    Pistol Handling and Applications (3 Day)

    Self-defense shooting and gun safety. Home defense shooting. Problem-solving. Drills that will introduce techniques to increase speed. Shooting single and multiple moving and reactive steel targets. Building a tactical mindset.

    Welcome to Range Tec Class Pistol Handling and Applications! Our classes are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely and effectively carry and<span ...

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    PRECISION LONG GUN (Sniper/DDM)- Three Day Class

    This course is for law enforcement and the military. Sniper techniques include Marksmanship, Range Estimation, mil-dot usage, Ballistics, Stress Shooting, Shooter, and Observer Roles while utilizing ranges up to 600 yards. You’re required to provide your own quality scope with a BDC, Range Finder, Anemometer, and Ballistics App.

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    The Pump or Semi-Automatic Shotgun is employed as a primary system with the Semi-Automatic Pistol or Revolver as a secondary system. Training includes Patterning the Shotgun, Reloading, Simulator, and Barricade Drills utilizing various loads up to ranges of 100 yards. HANDGUN I or II is included in this two-gun course. Emphasis is placed on Muscle Motor Memory and Economy of …