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Pistol Handling and Applications

Self-defense shooting and gun safety. Home defense shooting. Problem-solving. Drills that will introduce techniques to increase speed. Shooting single and multiple moving and reactive steel targets. Building a tactical mindset.

Carbine & Pistol Handling and Applications I or II

This is our best-selling course! Realistic combat shooting scenarios, muscle memory, mental confidence in yourself and your training. Primary and secondary weapons. This is a fun, non-stop “give it all you got” shooting course.


This course is for law enforcement and the military. Sniper techniques including Marksmanship, Range Estimation, mil-dot usage, Ballistics, Stress Shooting, Shooter, and Observer Roles while utilizing ranges up to 600 yards. You’re required to provide your own quality scope with a BDC, Range Finder, Anemometer, and Ballistics App.


What makes Range Tec different from other ranges? First, our instructors are not your ordinary instructors just out of the military or a police academy, with only a few years of experience lining up students in front of a dirt pile. All my instructors have years of experience as US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), Special Operations, Contractor’s, and law enforcement backgrounds. They have years of combat experience, training foreign and domestic individuals, and have attended military and civilian shooting schools. My instructors have years of experience on an Operational Detachment Alpha Team (ODA, A-Team) and are ready to share their knowledge with those who are eager to learn. Range Tec’s self-improvement training center is dedicated to the skills of self-defense, survival, gun handling, marksmanship, disaster preparedness, and tactical mindset.

Nowhere else will you find more dedicated instructors who provide one-on-one instruction. My instructors will pour their hearts out for your success! We are there to make you comfortable and proficient in using a firearm. Not only will we teach you to shoot, but we also teach you tactics and a never-quit mindset. Range Tec has a World Class training facility: There is no other place in America’s Midwest alike it. Range Tec has its a moving steel target range, computer ranges, shoot and move ranges, 6 pneumatic steel ranges, a paper range/multipurpose range, and a 620-yard precision long gun range. All main ranges have shelter. For the most realistic combat shooting scenarios and self-defense training for you and your family’s survival, give Range Tec a visit. Mindset: If you’re shot, you’re not dead; if you are dead you won’t know it! Fight, fight for your family and loved ones!

Never quit, if you breathe, and draw a breath you fight! Never quit! Never give up! If you are scared, use it to give you the edge! Don’t let it consume you! Face your fears! Breath and fight! Never get up your gun, for it will be used against you! Our mind is the best weapon we have. We will train your mind, which will train your body with reflexes and tactical responses for surviving a defensive confrontation. “Don’t die stupid!” You will fight as you have been trained! Training enforces confidence, confidence turns into instinct, instinct is a tactical response. This is the gun training it takes to win! ‘CARPE DIEM’! The Quiet Professionals. Come and see us!


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