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The Pump or Semi-Automatic Shotgun is employed as a primary system with the Semi-Automatic Pistol or Revolver as a secondary system. Training includes Patterning the Shotgun, Reloading, Simulator and Barricade Drills utilizing various loads up to ranges of 100 yards. HANDGUN I or II is included in this two-gun course. Emphasis is placed on Muscle Motor Memory and Economy of Motion.  While teaching tactical mindset for close quarter battle.


  • Wrap around Eye Protection and Ear Protection
  • Serviceable Pump or Semi-Automatic Shotgun and Semi-Automatic Pistol or Revolver
  • 4 Pistol Magazines or 3 Speed Loaders
  • Shot Gun Ammo Pouch, or Speed Loader Pouches
  • Functional Belt and Holster
  • Long Sling for the ShotGun
  • Serviceable Belt or Holster Flashlight and/or Mounted Light
  • 300 Rounds Birdshot, (Total for course 50 Buckshot & 50 Slug) 300 Rounds Minimum Pistol or Revolver (Per Day)