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Three to Five-Day Training Course

This is a high-stress course that combines Carbine and Handgun.  Techniques include Survival, Home/Neighborhood and Vehicle Defense,  QRF (Quick Reaction Force), Improvised Survival, Shelter, First Aid, Tactical Deception, and Tactical movement.


  • Wrap-around Eye Protection and Ear Protection
  • Serviceable Magazine Fed Carbine and Pistol or Revolver
  • 5 Carbine Magazines 4 Pistol Magazines or 3 Speed Loaders
  • Magazine or Speed Loader Pouches
  • Functional Belt and Holster
  • Long Sling for the Carbine Flashlight and/or Mounted Light
  • 500 Rounds Carbine NOTE: No Penetrator or Steel Jacketed Ammo 500 Rounds Pistol or Revolve (Per Day)