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This is our best-selling course! Realistic combat shooting scenarios, muscle memory, mental confidence in yourself and your training. Primary and secondary weapons. This is a fun, non-stop “give it all you got” shooting course.

Our Carbine and pistol Course is patterned after the Special Forces Advanced Urban
Combat Course in that it focuses upon rapid skill building taking shooters from the basic
level to the intermediate as quickly as possible. In that manner, we are then able to train to
more advanced skills by combining both the pistol and the carbine. We accomplish this by
utilizing all of our steel ranges which include computer-controlled shooting alleys, pop-up
steel ranges, and an advanced steel mover that works at variable speeds on a 30-yard rail.
Also, our training techniques highlight the value of muscle memory which requires the
shooter to fire more rounds. We generally recommend the individual bring 750 pistol rounds
and 500 carbine rounds per shooting day. It’s our belief that after the shooter perfects a
certain level of proficiency the greatest denominator of shooting excellence is putting more
rounds down range. We have no preference as to the type of pistol or carbine the person
has as we can train to whatever weapon type you have. In that vein, we endeavor to train to
each individual skill level and ensure that each shooter gets the maximum value for each
round they shoot.

Minimum Gear and Ammo Requirements

  • Eye Protection and Ear Protection
  • Serviceable Pistol or Revolver
  • 4 Magazines or Speed Loaders
  • Magazine or Speed Loader Pouches
  • Functional Belt and Holster
  • Flashlight and/or Mounted Light
  • 750 pistol rounds and 500 carbine rounds per shooting day