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Your mind is the best weapon you have. We will train your mind which in turn will train your body with quick reflexes and tactical responses for surviving a defensive confrontation. “Don’t die stupid!” You will fight as you have been trained! You will rely on what you know or don’t know. Training enforces confidence, confidence turns into instinct, instinct is a tactical response. That is the gun training it takes to win!

4At RANGE-T.E.C we believe in a relaxed atmosphere in which to train. We believe that while you are enjoying your rifle training endeavors, you will be comprehending and absorbing much more of your training. If you are not enjoying yourself then your actual participation will be much lower both physically and mentally. This in turn affects the participation of classmates and teammates. We will take the time to help you with any problems when and if one exists. We will help you with anything you don’t understand either during class, while on breaks, or after class.

At RANGE-T.E.C you will not find the attitude “How Great We Art”. We do not know everything. We do, however, have a great amount of enthusiasm about each aspect of gun training offered. There are lessons to be learned from everyone. There are many different schools and many different ways to do things. Attend as many schools and courses as you can. Get as much gun training as you can. Select the methods that best suit your needs and wants.

At RANGE-T.E.C. our ways have been proven over the test of time and blood. From Special Operations veterans, from police, from sheriffs departments, and from SWAT teams, we have been trained by some of the best and have trained some of the best. We feel that we have some of the most realistic pistol and rifle training there is to offer.

In defense, survival, gun handling, marksmanship, and tactics, RANGE-T.E.C., ” The Quiet Professionals!”. Come and see us!

Train under the most extreme conditions and it will better prepare you for most any situation“.

Camp McCall
Ft. Bragg, NC
Range Tec World Class Training, We Make Shooters